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“My Cummins truck has made all the difference in my business…I get in events that would not consider a novelty truck…I have people calling me to come to their neighborhoods when I do the streets, and most importantly my overall business is up about 45% from the novelty truck. Corporate events are booked easily…most adults want the soft serve over the novelty and there just are not many soft serve trucks around anymore. David himself has been invaluable in answering my questions about how to run the truck and the soft serve machine…he has always been there for me.”
Tom Marker
Street Treats
Howell, NJ

The Ice Cream Dreams truck - 'Cones' - is the ONLY truck of its kind in all of North Carolina. Not only do we offer soft serve ice cream (and we are one of the only trucks in the Charlotte area to do so), the truck itself is a work of art.

Cones started life as a Chevy Express van. Shipped to England, its cargo area was removed, then replaced with a specially molded compartment built specifically to do one thing--equip a soft serve ice cream truck. The truck meets or exceeds all required regulations for a food service vehicle.

The soft serve machine itself is top-of-the-line, built specifically to handle the high-volume, mobile needs of a truck of this quality.

Using an alternate source of energy ~ the ice cream equipment runs off the truck's engine rather than a heavy, noisy generator ~ allows us to remain all day at an event, quietly idling away, serving cone after delicious cone.

This truck design has been the favored format in Europe for more than 40 years, but only became available in the United States in 1999. And yet, they have already become known as 'the Cadillac of soft serve trucks.'

We are very excited to bring Ice Cream Dreams to Charlotte, and look forward to showing Cones
off, every chance we get.

Karen, Sticks and Cones, Charlotte, North Carolina

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