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Some of the many comments we receive from our customers:

I would like to say that David Cummins ice cream trucks are the best in the business.  When my ice cream truck hit the street there was no need to advertise.   My sales have skyrocketed and I can hardly keep up with demand.  Cummins trucks are truly the best in the business.

Iris Al-Uqdah
Nana Yum Yum, Inc.
Vallejo, Calif


“We are very impressed with reliability of our truck.  Self-sufficiency makes us very popular with event organizers and is cost effective, by not needing to pay for electrical hook ups.  The layout of the interior allows both my husband and I to work at top efficiency, which makes for happy customers.”

Ava Gonteski, Colorado


Mr. Cool (Corinth, TX) says: "We were one of the first to take delivery of a David Cummins truck in the US.  We have been operating successfully for over 10 years and are absolutely delighted with the vehicle, equipment and after service provided by David.  Everyone knows us as the “good” truck".  Graham Ross.



"I own two David Cummins Ice Cream Trucks.  One is six years old and the other is two years old and I have never had a problem with either of them.  The Ice Cream Machines are fantastic, they never let you down!  David has the best Customer Service I have ever dealt with.  Whenever I have ever called him, he has always been there to answer my questions.  They are by far the nicest looking Ice Cream Trucks ever made.  Customers always comment on them. "
Yours truly,
Clifton Dent, Jr.
Fun Time Ice Cream Co., Inc

Over one and half years ago I purchased my soft ice cream van from David Cummins after spending much time researching everything available. David provided me with in depth information about the soft ice cream van and responded promptly to all of my questions which were about everything possible and voluminous.



I participate in numerous weekend craft events and occasionally have had technical problems on site which shut down my operation. Each time I called David immediately and I was provided with instructions that soon had me up and running. His personal knowledge of the van’s soft ice cream technical operation is without a doubt most valuable and has enabled me to continue to make money at each show when I had a shut down problem.




As for the quality of the soft ice cream van which David Cummins sells I have been very impressed with everything and consider it to be very reliable weekend after weekend with only a few minor problems encountered as indicated earlier. Not only is the vehicle made well inside and out but it looks extremely well which is an advantage with getting into quality shows. Most promoters want equipment that has a clean and appealing look and this soft ice cream van has provided me with numerous opportunities to be invited to participate in quality and profitable shows.




It is rare indeed to find someone who is willing to provide assistance time after time after the sale has been completed. David is that exceptional person that has promptly responded to every contact that I have had made with him which has been so valuable for me to maintain continuous successful sales. Whether it be for technical questions or which is the best mix to use or any other questions David has been there for me and I value his assistance so much.




Ken Tinsley


Tasty Soft Ice Cream




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