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David Cummins USA Inc has been formed by the uniting of the two largest manufacturers of ice cream trucks in the world, - David Cummins Ltd and Whitby Morrison Ltd, both based in England.
David Cummins USA Inc is based in Florida, in the southeastern States. From our office in Kissimmee, just south of Orlando, all sales, parts & service are handled for the ice cream trucks sold in the USA.
. The trucks we supply do not need a generator to power the soft ice cream freezer. This saves the operators of our trucks the expense of purchasing the generator and the extra fuel costs and service costs of running a generator, not to mention the noise, weight and all that heat! Plus you need a big twin rear wheel truck to take all the dead weight of a generator.
In our trucks, the soft ice cream freezer is driven by a power take off from the vehicle engine, this is both very quiet and fuel economic. Having no electric motors in the ice cream machine there is less heat created within the truck, so you are cooler. More room inside the truck. No service problems with many relays, contactors, computer boards, wiring etc, our system does not need them. Maintenance is simple and no specialised knowledge is needed and you only have one engine to service! Generators will use over 25 galls of fuel per day running at 3000rpm , our system running at 500 rpm (idle speed) about 4 galls per day. No noise, heat and fumes associated with generators. We have not used a generator in our trucks since the early 1960's - any one who uses them now are 50 years out of date!
This system has been used on all soft ice cream trucks sold by us from the UK since the early sixties and over 16500+ vehicles have been supplied to all parts of the world, in fact at the last count we have sold to 71 countries worldwide.
When you purchase one of our trucks you are also getting over 50 years of experience in the business. What other company can claim that?
The trucks are supplied in your own livery and decals, you are not involved in any franchise agreements and every $$$ you earn is yours - you are the Boss.
When we introduced our trucks to the American market back in 1999 we raised the bar in the quality of trucks available in the States.

There is a vast untouched market available in ice cream sales - how often have you seen a truck you are happy purchasing from at an event? So you walk past.  The days of selling ice cream from converted post office or bread vans are numbered. With one of our trucks selling both novelties and soft ice cream at an event you have the means of selling $2000 -$3000 - $4000 - $5000 and more. How?
With the average novelty truck you can only sell what you have in your freezer when that is gone, you go home. Probably with $600-700 in sales.
With a soft ice cream truck you can carry enough soft ice cream mix to last for days. One gallon of mix will make make 36 x 4 oz cones, there is the capacity to carry 80+ gallons of mix or enough to produce over 2880 cones which at $2.00 per cone is $5760 in sales. At a cost of $0.18 per cone that is $5240 profit from soft ice cream sales alone. And yes, our trucks will keep up with the demand, they are designed for it. They have been proven all over the world.

There are many events around - arts & crafts shows, flea markets, air displays, state & county shows, sports events, pop concerts - in fact any place where people go to, there is the opportunity to sell lots of ice cream but you have to have a truck that is capable of selling lots of ice cream. The organisers of these events want to see modern clean vehicles at their events and then you will be asked back or invited to other events they organise, that is why owners of our trucks are so successful. They get asked back time after time.

Check out this link and

Look at the trailers we manufacture in our own factory here in Florida. There are hundreds of uses for these trailers.

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David Cummins USA Inc.
159 East Lakeshore Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Email with your postal address to
Phone   407 301 4435
Fax       407 344 7874

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